Best Internet Service Providers in Chennai

Best Internet Service Providers in Chennai

The capital city has the most number of active internet users in the state and the numbers are rising day-by-day. The period of COVID-19 lockdown has made the numbers to increase even further as the schools and colleges in the city have opted for online-based teaching and learning.

The competition between the Internet service providers in Chennai is growing every month with new plans coming every quarter. In this article let us see the leading Internet Service Providers in Chennai.


For ACT currently, Chennai is the only city in Tamilnadu to have unlimited data without any data cap. They provide 7 different plans in the city at different price points.

The basic plan starts from Rs.820 of unlimited data for 60Mbps which is a bit costlier compared to other operators. They provide upload/download speeds up to 1Gbps in the city.

Their installation and service response for the customers are reasonably ok and their actual speeds are good as assured.


Hathaway is known for providing decent data packs with high-speed internet in Chennai city. They have three different plans beginning with 150Mpbs speed of unlimited data.

Their speed and connectivity are one of the best in the city receiving a favourable response from the Chennai city people. They do not charge any initial installation cost and provide a free Wi-Fi router in the process.

Hathaway started off good in the city but their customer satisfaction and service are going down in recent months. Hope they correct these as soon as possible and get in track with fellow competitors.


Airtel has very good coverage of regions in and around Chennai. By introducing a competitive basic plan they are leading the race for providing high-speed internet in the city.

As their services are already very well established, Airtel has a good customer approval rating than its competitors. Their basic plan starts from Rs.499 for 40Mbps unlimited data.

They operate in the main areas of the city and the remote areas are yet to receive coverages of their broadband connection.


Jio offers economical plans along with other freebies making it a preferable Internet service provider in the city. Their plans in the city are getting competitive as the day progresses.

With its recent launch of Rs.399 plan Jio is clearly trying to acquire the majority of middle and lower-middle-class sectors of people into its broadband family.

With their Uploading speed not up to the mark, Jio seems to be indirectly targeting the common people of the city using the internet for relaxation rather than the people using the internet for their work and official purposes.

Internet Service coverage in Chennai
Internet Service coverage in Chennai

How to choose the best?

Firstly, it depends upon the area where you live within Chennai. The area plays a major role as vital criteria like service and connectivity speed depends upon it.

If you live where you have an ACT or an Airtel connection go for it as they both have a well-established connection in the city. If you do not need a connection for work and official purposes but only for watching movies and youtube videos, Jio may serve your purpose very well.

Other services like Cherrinet, TICfiber also offers good connections, but their service varies depending on the area you live within Chennai.

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