Best Internet Service Provider in Bangalore

Internet Service Provider in Bangalore

Bengaluru, the IT hub of India has one of the highest numbers of internet users in the country. Top Internet service providers of the country along with regional service providers are in contention to seize the broadband market share of the city. Let us take a look at the list of leading internet service providers of the city.


Hathaway has stabilised itself as one of the best internet service provider in Bengaluru city. Right from installation to connectivity to customer service, their team seem to do a great job in the city.

They offer four different broadband fiber plans between 100Mbps and 150Mbps speed range. All their plans are unlimited with free Installation. They also provide a free single/dual band Wi-fi router depending upon the plan you choose.


Airtel has a good reputation in the city for broadband connection with some nice customer service. With already established offices around Bengaluru, Airtel is currently doing good in the city.

They offer unlimited data speeds up to 1Gbps and have five different plans to choose depending on the customer requirements. Few of their plan also includes a free subscription for various OTT platforms.


ACT provides its fibernet only in Bengaluru in the state of Karnataka. It has several plans for its customers to opt depending on their requirements. Starting with 50Mbps speed for a data cap of 500Gb they provide services up to 1000Mpbs speed for a data cap of 5500GB.

Their upload and download speeds are usually good and consistent. Their plans are a bit costlier compared to the other broadband providers. But so is their connectivity which is good comparable to other providers.


Tikona is known for providing economical broadband internet connectivity in the city. Their installation team response is healthy and is generally very quick in setting up the connection.

Starting from a low speed of 10Mbps to a relatively higher speed of 150Mbps, Tikona has several broadband plans for its customers to choose from. Their service seemed to be a worry for customers recently during COVID-19 issues. But their speed and connectivity look good as per their respective plans.


Bengaluru was already flooded with many internet service providers when Jio made its entry in the broadband market. Until recently Jio has done a reasonable job but were not able to do well as compared to the other cities in India.

With their upload/download speed still not meeting their respective plan speeds, it is evident that the Bengaluru people are comfortable in choosing various other networks available for them.

But with Jio improving their coverage and service along with many freebies for their connection day by day, it likely seems that they will turn the tide sooner or later.

Ant Broadband

Currently offering their services only to Bengaluru city, Ant broadband is doing more than a decent job in providing broadband connectivity to its city people.

They have set up their main office at Kadukodi area and have coverage to certain outskirts regions of the city. Their team has a high approval rating from the customers for its service, response and connectivity.

They provide unlimited data up to a speed of 200Mbps and an upper cap of 5000GB data up to a speed of 600Mbps which is more than enough for a normal netizen in the city.

Internet Service Coverage Bangalore
Internet Service Coverage Bangalore

Final Thoughts

If you want a high-speed connection in the main areas of the city with some good customer support, ACT and Airtel seems good. On the other hand, Hathway also does a pretty good all-around job in providing high-speed internet connectivity.

Alternatively, if you are a single user looking for a budget plan Tikona and Jio can quench your needs. The local players like Ant broadband, BBNL, D-Broadband, Giganet fibre, etc.. are also some worthy broadband providers that you can opt depending upon the area you live in.

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