Best Internet Service Provider in Salem

Internet Service Providers in Salem

Salem has one of the best internet connectivity in Tamilnadu, India that is as good as any other metros. Here we will see some of the best Internet Service providers in Salem with very good upload/download speeds and the customer support for both regular and fibre lines. Here goes the list:


Airtel has both Fibre and regular connections in Salem. Airtel has one of the best uptime and service and hence it should be the primary choice when you are looking for an internet connection.

However, the Airtel coverage is usually less and is generally spread only in major areas of the City. Further, Fibre plans are available only to very small section of salem city.

With Regular plans one can get speeds upto 60Mbps download and 5Mbps upload while Fibre plans can get you speeds even as high as 500 Mbps upload/download easily.


Jio has only Fibre connections in Salem city and the coverage is indeed pretty high. If you couldn’t get Airtel connection, its better to go with Jio Broadband in Salem and the coverage is relatively huge as the internet service lines are laid in most main areas of the city.

You may begin with an upload and download speeds of ~20 Mbps and the speeds are usually bit less than what they actually promise.


Cherrinet is the broadband service by Sun Network. They currently have only Fibre service in Salem and is pretty fast. The plans are also decent, but if you need cheap plans, Jio may serve the purpose.

Their plans start at 150Mbps at Rs.999 per month. Their speeds are usually lesser than what they promise, but overall its good and sufficient for residential use.

C32 Broadband

C32 broadband is the broadband service provided by Polimer network. The currently serve the prime areas of Salem city as other areas are taken by Cherrinet.

Their plans start at 10Mbps at Rs.399 per month.

Internet Service Coverage in Salem
Internet Service Coverage in Salem

Choosing the best provider

Its better to take Airtel services wherever available as the connection and service is top notch. The download speeds we get in reality are usually same as what they promise. 

If not Airtel, Cherrinet/C32 broadband based on your user location is good too as they’re backed by well known brands in the state. 

If you prefer to go for cheap plans, Jio may serve your purpose. Further, if above services are not available in your area, you may consider other small providers like BluWaves, etc.

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