Best Internet Service Provider in Hyderabad

Internet Service Providers in Hyderabad

Hyderabad city has one of the most internet usages in India. Below, let us discuss the leading internet service providers in the city along with their plans, services and operations.


Bharti Airtel is known for providing one of the best services in the telecom sector in India. In Hyderabad, they have an organized team working to provide prompt broadband service to its customers.

Airtel is known for its pricey plans compared to its competitors but has recently come up with some good competitive plans under its belt. With its unlimited 40Mbps plan launched recently, they have firmly grounded their broadband services in the city.


ACT has long been a successful service provider in Hyderabad with the majority of the customer using their service. Interestingly, ACT which usually has higher-priced plans than other service providers, have their starting pack priced at Rs.500 in Hyderabad, unlike their plans in other major cities in India.

They provide six varied plans in the city starting from the basic speed of 30Mbps. Their ACT GIGA plan provides speed up to 1Gbps. Unlike a few service providers, the good thing with ACT is that they have similar upload and download speed. They also deliver the actual speed that they promise to your connection.


Jio is continuously expanding its broadband connection not only in Hyderabad but also throughout the whole country. The good thing with Jio is that the plans are cheaper compared to other providers.

Jio’s Mid priced and High priced plans come with the benefit of subscription to various OTT applications. Similar to Airtel, they also offer higher speeds up to 1Gbps.

Currently, Jio is comparatively not able to provide proper upload/download speeds as per their plan’s claim. With its lucrative benefits, if this gets sorted out, they are definitely on the path to becoming one of the leading service providers in the city.


Hathaway differs by providing an economical long term plan from other internet service providers. Their plan for the city starts at 40Mbps unlimited data and 50Mbps with 1000GB data cap.

They compliment their users by dropping the initial installation charges along with providing a free to use Wi-fi router. Hathway’s connectivity speed is usually very good and their upload/download speed actually matches the plan requirements.

Internet Service Coverage in Hyderabad

Whom to choose?

It depends on whether you want to use the internet personally to browse sites and watch videos or officially for work from home. For later purposes, if you have to do a lot of uploads and downloads, it is better to go with ACT, Airtel or Hathaway, depending on their availability in your area.

Airtel has a good service follow-up followed by ACT and Hathaway. If you are in need of broadband for entertainment purposes Jio with lots of complimentary benefits looks lucrative.

If you living in areas where these connections are not available you can try for other service providers doing well within your area. Broadband providers like You Broadband, Tikona, Excell, Pioneer broadband and Excitel are some internet service providers doing a satisfactory job in the vicinity of Hyderabad city.

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