Best Internet Service Provider in Coimbatore

Internet Service Provider in Coimbatore

One of the top cities in Tamilnadu, Coimbatore is lately seeing an increase in the number of Internet Service Providers. It is very clear that in near future, the competition among these ISPs is going to be tight. It is also clear that customers are going to have a hard time in choosing the best service provider according to their needs. Here we will give you the top telecom operators in Coimbatore doing decently till date.


ACT’s fibernet is one of the well known optical fiber connection providers in Coimbatore. ACT has coverages over most of the main areas of the city. They provide speeds up to 300Mbps and their promise of download/upload speed is generally good.

The prices are on a higher-end compared with the other service providers. On the downside, they do not have coverage over the developing and remote areas of Coimbatore.

Their service is well established and is usually good, but post corona in certain areas of the city it is evident that they are struggling to satisfy the customer requirements.


Airtel has a very well established internet service in Coimbatore. The installation process is hassle-free and their installation team usually sets up the connection within a day of your enquiry.

Starting at an affordable price they provide unlimited data of speeds ranging from 40Mbps to whooping 1Gbps. Airtel’s service in the city is also been good so far with their service team responding well to the customer problems.

They have a limited area of coverage and are slowly expanding to other remote areas of Coimbatore. If you are in the vicinity of the main areas of the city, you won’t regret choosing Airtel.


After its recent initial launch, Jio has received a huge response from the customers. Their installation is pretty fast and the process is simple. Jio provides the most affordable starting packs among its competitors with just Rs.399 for its 30Mbps unlimited data.

We have witnessed customers complaining that Jio’s upload speed is poor and doesn’t match the original speed the company offers. If your work includes uploading huge data online, I would think twice before getting a Jio connection. But for a decent residential connection with an affordable price point, Jio would definitely be a great option.


Being a local player, ReadyLink is doing a reasonable job in providing high-speed internet in the city. They have managed to provide high-quality internet to the developing and remote areas of the Coimbatore city.

Their plan starts with 40Mbps of unlimited data at a reasonable price point. Their upload/download speed is pretty much the same. Speed test from Ookla confirms that they actually deliver the speed as they promise.

The only downside is that the installation process takes up to 2 or 3 days as they depend on local cable operators to set up the initial connections remotely.

Internet Service Coverage in Coimbatore
Internet Service Coverage in Coimbatore

Whom to choose?

It depends on the type and amount of your usage and the area you live in Coimbatore. If you live well within the Coimbatore city limits ACT and Airtel shall be your preferred choice.

If you are a bit low on budget but need an unlimited plan just for normal entertainment purpose, Jio will suit your need. If you are off the city limits living in a remote area of Coimbatore city where you couldn’t find any of the top Internet Service Providers, ReadyLink can provide high-speed internet to your area.

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